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Susan has extensive management and consulting experience with success in human services delivery, strategic planning, policy development and project management. As a Management Consultant, Susan provides reviews, facilitates projects and improves productivity, using creative and outcome-focused strategies. She has over 20 years’ involvement in leadership, education, health, community and human services.

Her international experience including living and working in Singapore and Seoul adds further value to Susan’s expertise and perspective.

Susan is committed to working from current models of practice. She partners with her clients to achieve innovative ways of thinking and results that are sustainable, meaningful, positive and easily implemented.


Organisational & Program Reviews


Facilitation, Meetings & Workshops


Training & Professional Development


Strategic Planning


Quality Improvement


Business Development

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Susan develops and designs powerful strategies and solutions that strengthen people, teams and organisations to become the best they possibly can. Her priorities are to help people, teams and organisations to flourish and provide solutions to promote success, wellbeing and harmony in the workplace. Her experience and contributions to accreditation, assessment and investigation are highly respected.

Using tailored solutions for your particular needs, Susan helps you to set and accomplish and surpass objectives and expectations. She can help develop and implement systems to improve documenting, reporting and communication. She can also help with Strategic Planning, to define future direction and focus current priorities to meet evolving demands. Susan’s expertise in training and facilitation focuses on team development, leadership, change management and conflict resolution.

If you feel that Susan’s skills are what your organisation needs to flourish, please feel free to contact her to discuss how she can help.


We appreciate the ways you enhance workspaces and different perspectives you’ve been able to bring to our business.

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We truly believe we are a better organisation due to your many places of impact.



Susan is one of the best presenters we have ever had the privilege of working with. She really listens to our needs and she is able to unpack and interpret exactly what we are asking for.

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The Coordinators’ Day that we shared together was one of the best Professional Development Days that many of us have experienced in a long time. We explored, we were challenged and we learnt a great deal about each other and ourselves. Susan is a wonderful facilitator and it was an absolute privilege working with her. Each workshop that Susan facilitates is tailor-made for the individual needs of the group. She has the incredible ability to listen to our ideas for a particular workshop and then transpose our ideas into a workshop that challenges us, excites us and most of all makes us think about what we can do, change, make a difference. Susan’s cleverness is a blessing for all of us.

Deputy Principal


Susan Raphael facilitated our behind closed doors Executive Assistants program for an EA/PA group.

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Susan’s warmth and experience gave her the ability to engage participants and draw out solutions. She was able to connect with the women on a professional and personal level offering a holistic experience. Her positive energy captivated the group giving a feeling of a safe environment to explore ideas and initiatives. She gave the women the confidence to back themselves, develop and grow. Susan’s passion for developing the group was evident in her ability to challenge each member to examine the situations and form a positive outcome. I recommend Susan as a Facilitator and would be happy to speak personally with anyone who has further questions.

Tiffany Boin

Behind Closed Doors


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